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Workshops are using Auto3iii around the world


Technicians use Intelligent Technician every day


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Auto3iii takes Customer Experience into the 21st century

Using our solutions, the customer can know as much about their vehicle as the technician and be informed and engaged at every step of the journey,
from check-in to check-out. Auto3iii gives your customers more Auto iiintelligence.

Explore our three smart App solutions to see how we can help boost your customer experience. Click the links below to learn more.

Convenience. Transparency. Trust.

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“Customer experience is the foundation of any good business. The Auto3iii software has brought us a positive impact in lots of different areas of our business; we sell more cars, convert more service work and we are doing more in restorations.”

KarlThe SL Shop
Our Unique Score

Add Gamification to Vehicle Maintenance

Introducing our 'Vehicle Score' – a unique feature that shifts the focus from authorising just the red work, to boosting the Total Score! We also help vehicle owners prioritise what matters most to them, such as the vehicle safety or efficiency.

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Interaction with Customers

Bring Vehicle Health Checks to Life

Immerse your customers with a full screen experience to help your service team explain what needs doing and why, using the unique 360° 3D models in our revolutionary iHub software.

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Preventative Maintenance

Dynamic Maintenance Plans

Our smart software creates custom maintenance plans based on your technicians' assessments. When advisory work becomes urgent, the Intelligent Motorist app sends notifications to your customers and your smart dashboard. This technology streamlines follow-ups and brings customers back to your workshop effortlessly.

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Standardisation in your workshop

Triggered Recommendations

Our software automatically suggests relevant parts or maintenance based on your technicians' findings. This can include specific brands, services, or products you wish to promote.

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Exceed Customer Expectations

Unique Service Certificates

Provide real-time updates to your customers.
From the moment work begins to its completion, your customers stay informed about the status of their vehicle while it's in your care. All on their mobile phone.
Just scan the QR code and see for yourself!

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The Future is Here!

AI Powered Software

AI customizes service experiences, elevating customer satisfaction and engagement through personalised maintenance and service recommendations.
AI automates tasks, saving you and your technician’s time – allowing you to focus on the physical aspects of work.
Predictive Insights:
AI anticipates future outcomes by analysing historical vehicle data, assisting in the early detection of potential issues before they escalate into significant problems.

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Front of Buckingham and Stanley dealer showing cars on forecourt and company sign above doors

“The Auto3iii eVHC software has been a game-changer for our workshop. It's incredibly user-friendly, and the way in which it generates the customer report has made a significant difference in converting more work with our customers. Thank you for a fantastic tool that has transformed our business.”

Andrew BallardBuckingham & Stanley - 'Cambridge Subaru'