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The Perfect Score

Gamify vehicle maintenance to encourage customers to strive for a higher score, moving beyond just addressing red/urgent work.

Mobile phone showing the home screen of the Intelligent Motorist customer app

Unique Algorithms

Our mileage algorithms trigger reminders precisely when 'advisory' work becomes urgent.

Maintenance Plans

Empower customers to plan and manage vehicle maintenance affordably - whilst keeping them coming back!

Score-Based Vehicle Health Checks

  • Display the vehicle’s health as a score to customers
  • Fuel customer engagement with gamification—striving for a higher score
  • Encourage greater customer involvement in their vehicle’s well-being
  • Easy-to-understand and transparent
  • The score, calculated by algorithms, rates the vehicle out of 100
  • Create multiple sub-scores to focus on what matters most to the vehicle owner
Mobile phone showing total score on the health check report

Want to know more about Intelligent Motorist?

Intelligent Maintenance Plan

Mobile phone showing customer maintenance plan with most urgent in red

Mileage Algorithms

Mobile held by technician showing vehicle health check in progress

How to Boost Your Score